Inch bye Inch Fitness Center, LLC. Eat Less. Move More. North Bend Oregon

New!! A 24-Hour Facility

To help you achieve your fitness and weight management goals, Inch-Bye-Inch is open to it's members 24 hours a day. Call 541.756.5222 for an appointment. We will show you the facility, how to use equipment, sauna, tanning bed, and TV security.

Optimum Physical Fitness

To be considered physically fit, you must train the body in cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and flexibility, plus achieve a healthy body-fat percentage. Your fitness routine must take into account training principles such as specificity (each area must be trained separately), overload (you must safely overload the body to achieve results), and adaptation ( the amount of overload must be periodically adjusted as the body gets more fit). To achieve optimum results, the frequency, duration and intensity of the training program must be monitored. It’s a lot to keep up with, but the Inch-Bye-Inch circuit workout is designed to help you achieve an optimum level of physical fitness.

A Complete Fitness Program

Inch-Bye-Inch offers a complete fitness program incorporating cardiovascular, muscular strength and flexibility training into a single workout. Members alternate upper and lower body strength training exercises with aerobic stations, all set to music to keep you going at a good PACE. At the end of your exercise session, you will have maintained your target heart rate, exercised every major muscle group through a broad range of motion, and burned more calories than almost any other workout!



Designed by EPUERTO
Designed by EPUERTO